Monday, March 19, 2007

Wait, don't worry I've not left you again

I know, my first week back and no woefully out of print Friday. Well... right now I'm working on a pretty big post about an electronic music pioneer, and would like to get some high quality rips to share. So if you can be patient I PROMISE that you'll hear some cool stuff soon.

Speaking of cool stuff... anybody hear anything that is really striking their fancy? I'm all about microhouse and glitch (again) but I would like to know what other cats are on about these days.

Maybe in the next few days I'll post some of the tracks that keep ending up in my on the go list.

Later taters.

PS. Look for a post about Alva Noto soon...


Eamon said...

recently, i rediscoved my love for the following:
Adam and the Ants
early Trans Am
cheesy industrial music that you would frown at :D

corey said...

I'm all about the microhouse as well, and Tim Hecker (in both drone, as well as minimal techno form)

I also can't get enough Bobby Trafalgar right now.