Friday, July 28, 2006

Woefully out of print Friday

New feature!

Each Friday I'm going to dig through my cd collection and talk about a cd that really should be available for purchase, but alas and alack is gone daddy gone.

This week is going to be Render the 1994 album from Lassigue Bendthaus

Industrial music in 1994 was a strange creature. Nine Inch Nails brought it to the stereo of every kid in America with "that fuck you like an animal song" Many a Gap cloned minion swayed and made out to slick and sleazy Closer (which I always felt to be the ugliest song on TDS, an album that many a reviewer found to be one of the most emotionally devastating since Pink Floyd erected The Wall in 1979) little did they know of the emotional turmoil contained on the rest of the cd...

Uwe Schmidt had released 3 albums and 4 12" singles under his Lassigue Bendthaus moniker (Including the very underrated Cloned which used the same basic sample set to create several very different songs, and Cloned:Binary which gave those samples to end users for using in their own compositions. )

Render was different though. Render turned industrial music on it's ear. It took the ideas that Kraftwerk laid out in the 70's and early 80's and expanded on it, and perfected it. Beautiful minimalistic techno/industrial/ambient hybrid tracks that sound as fresh today as they did almost 12 years ago.

The album was a bit of a conundrum. Industrial kids didn't like it because it was too techno. Techno kids? Nahh... not weird enough in an Artificial Intelligence /Warp Records sort of way. But the people who were recording electronic music around that time found the album to be forward thinking enough to borrow elements from it (See haujobb's Solutions for a Small Planet , or even Madonna's 1998 Ray of LIght )

Herr Schmidt went on to record under His Atom Heart moniker, and gained a whole new fan base when he started releasing albums as Senior Coconut. He even managed to release a collection of pop covers as LB called Pop Artificielle which sounded more like the glitchy world of Atom than the warm minimalism of the former.

I wanted to share this album as the first of the woefully out of print, because it is to me one of the biggest crimes against the laptop generation of the electronic music scene to not have one of the last truly great albums recorded on outboard gear available to challenge their sensibilities.

A friend of mine once described Render as sounding like a "pop album from 2007", we are quickly approaching that year, and I can only hope that somebody creates something this fresh in the next year.

download Molecular Modelling
Atom Heart Discography
Ebay search forRender

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's July 25th, and I think you all know what that means...


Finally, after months of listening to low grade mp3s those of us unfortunate enough to live in the states can finally get our grubby little paws on a copy of The Knife's 3rd record.

I myself am as giddy as a school girl about it. This record is probably going to stay in my top 3 of 2006 (with Eraser being just a bit higher on the scale due to my rampant fanboydom)

I think this is another record that if you have spent any time on the blogosphere, and have somehow not heard it mentioned you are either:

A. Blind
2. Not paying attention
D. Don't care.

I myself fell in love with the first listen and have been spinning it on my ipod since I first downloaded it. I don't see that changing anytime soon.

The Knife homepage
Mute records page about Silent Shout

Also of note today:

Easily one of my favorite shows on TV. Also one of the smartest things ever committed to animation. There was mucho controversy when the show was first released with claims that it was too racist for tv. Eff that I say. It was a very realistic depiction of racial tension in the US. It's not (as the ignorant right wing claimed) hateful towards whites. I see it as empowering by pointing out the fallacies of our society. One of the best things on tv, and I hope with it's dvd release more people will give the show the time it deserves, and really pay close attention to what is going on around them.

Buy the Boondocks at Amazon

Finally we have

Here is the info from the Tartan Films website:

Mi-ju, played by the beautiful Sung Hyun-Ah, is a brilliant cellist who craves peace and stability after surviving a car crash, which killed her best friend. Haunted by terrifying memories of the accident, she decides to forgo a professional career in music, in favor of teaching college students and her daughter how to play. Unfortunately, things begin to go terribly wrong. One of her students attacks her, her sister in-law becomes dangerously obsessed with her fiancĂ©e, and the new housekeeper is scaring her to death. Further, there is something very ominous and portentous about the music coming out of her daughter’s cello.

Cello has gotten some rave reviews, and I cannot wait to see it! Be on the lookout for a review soon!

Tartan Films info page on Cello

Ok, time to get to a store. Later taters!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Stephen Parsick Hoellenengel

Get to know me a bit and you will soon begin to see that I have a bit of a Blade Runner fixation. By saying "a bit" a really mean a full blown addiction. Several years ago when I was maintaining a special effects makeup website I choose a domain name that was a reference to Blade Runner . The idea of living in a time where rogue androids are running amuck and effin shiznat up is amazing. (Not to mention the beautiful cityscapes that warped my perception and gave me a very serious love for run down buildings and strong back lighting) Heck, even the 2019 in my blog name is a BR nod...

So, what does this have to do with Stephen Parsick and his record Hollenengel? Everything. Stephen is also a HUGE Blade Runner fan. It's evident the first time you listen to the droning synths of Der Tod , or the big analog synth lead of Der Prinz . The dark soundscapes are made possible (according to the press info on his website through "...the same sort of equipement Vangelis had at his disposal when he recorded the score" At times it sounds like what could have been a collaboration between John Carpenter, Coil, Vangelis, with just a little bit of Isao Tomita thrown in for good measure.

The album (which took 4 years to record) was created "entirely without computers, multi-track recorders, sequencers, MIDI interfaces or overdubs." This was a true labor of love and would be a welcomed adition to the library of any fan of dark ambient, or film scores.

download Die Burg (The Castle)
The Tyrell Corporation [a great resource on Blade Runner]
BR Movie

Friday, July 21, 2006

The randomness of the day

Life has kept me from posting this week. Which is both suck and ass.

I've been scrambling to finish a Dj on your Mac workshop for that place that gives me paychecks, so the choice was made between keynote, and blogging. Keynote won this week.

However, I am not with out some cool random stuff from this week.

The first is an article I found listing The 25 Best Moments from Pee-Wee's Playhouse. I am quite unbashful in my love for the show, and this was a loving tribute dripping with sarcasm. My favorite line? It's another example of how far Pee-wee will go to be our American Mr. Bean -- hilarious, but a complete dickhole to everyone.


Let me repeat that one more time.


I am going to be saying that all effin day.

In honor of my djing SpOoky Ooky Goth night here in Pittsburgh I thought I'd share this really great Black Strobe mix of Nitzer Ebb's Getting Closer It's available on the Body Rework Remixes. It's rad, and if you don't know who Nitzer Ebb is, apparently you missed out on a great era of minimalistic industrial dance circa 1987.

(which is entirely possible... I am pretty effin old)

ANYWHO download Getting Closer (Black Strobe Moderne Remix)

Hopefully next week will be a little less chaotic, and allow me to bring more of the noise. Speaking of... I am really diggin on Scale from Herbert this week. All that hype it's getting? Totally deserving. It's seriously got to make some top 10 lists at the end of the year. He is giving away an edited version of The Movers and the Shakers at herbertdashscaledotcom Take a listen. Have a good weekend. Don't drink too much.

Monday, July 17, 2006


Just wanted to post a couple of things.

First is an update to the post about The Horrors.

As promised I found a much better quality version of the Shenna was a Parasite video.

Thanks to the amazing Director's File website I found a MUCH better quality mp4 of the video. download it here

I'll leave it on my server for a couple of weeks.


I just found the most amazing app for resizing pictures. It's called iZoom. It works in windows, linux, and of course my favorite Mac os X

I think every blogger in the universe should use it. I kid you not. It's THAT good. So easy, quicker than photoshop, and best of all FREE.

download for Mac OS X v1.2

Kasabian announce the departure of Chris Karloff

Just got this from the homepage:

Lead guitarist/keyboard player Chris Karloff and Kasabian have parted company.

Karloff and the band experienced certain creative and artistic differences during the writing and recording of their second album. These irreconcilable and diverging approaches resulted in the band asking Karloff to leave the group. Karloff will pursue a musical career elsewhere.

Kasabian's Album 'Empire' is released on Columbia records on the 4th of September.

I don't know what this means for the future of the band. Part of the reason I REALLY loved their debut was the production on the album. Keyboardist and guitarist leaves... all of the production tricks go with him...

download club foot

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Myspace Part 2- oh the HORRORS!

Ok, so I've learned to plan a bit better for my theme weeks, and maybe I don't know write the entries out ahead of time.

But that is neither here nor there.

Today I am covering a little band called The Horrors. They are a horror/gage/punk/surf band. Think The Cramps, only louder and with a thick London accent.

Normally I'm not into the whole gothabilly/psychobilly thing (most things influenced by the deep south grates on my nerves like nobody's business) but these guys cut out all of the crap that I really don't like (the billy) and stick to the cool stuff. Well worth the listen!

Their debut 7" Sheena is a Parasite/Jack the Ripper is pretty much sold out everywhere. I can't wait to hear a full length.

Now, I don't want you kids to think that I was going to leave you without pretty pictures, oh heavens no! One of the reasons that the band grabbed my attention in the first place was that the video for Sheena was directed by non other than my favorite director Chris Cunnigham.

(I apologize for the craptastic you tube quality. I'll see if I can track down a better version.)

Tune in tomorrow when I'll have a proper post to finish up for this first attempt at a theme week.

The Horrors Myspace page.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We interrupt this theme week with a Tuesday new release bulletin

A few notables from today...

Thom Yorke- The Eraser

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are probably well aware that Thom of that one band Released a solo album today.

Do you need it? Well, asking that of a bonafide Radiohead fanboy my answer would be an enthusiastic "hell to the yes!" HOWEVER, I realize not everybody is nearly as over-zealous about my boys from Oxford. That being the case, I submit this to you- do you like the electronica of Kid A ? Yes? Then you will probably dig this record quite a bit. No? It may not be your cup of tea.

The Eraser
XL Recordings

Jesus and Mary Chain re-issues.

Another of those do you need it sort of releases. Do you? I happen to be a big fan of J&MC. I purchased both Psycho Candy, and Honey's Dead (sadly, Darklands was not available during my record store excersion) I'm probably going to spring for the others later on this week, yes I am a sucker for shoegazer rock. I am also a sucker for bonus features, and lets be honest here. Music videos always kick butt. (as does dvd audio, and remasters... ok I'm just a sucker and I must like buying my cds several times... lets just hope ther are never any dvd audio versions of Skinny Puppy's back catalogue anytime soon...)

Jesus and Mary Chain at Rhino Records

Muse Black Holes and Revelations

On first listen this reminded a lot of a glam rock influenced Ok Computer Not at all a bad thing. I think it will grow on me a bit, but at first listen the Queen-like vocal harmonies were just a little bit alien to my ears...

[//edit//2:55 am//7.12//] Say, wouldn't it have been smart of me to upload this thing when it wrote it earlier today?

Monday, July 10, 2006

The most interesting music on myspace (part 1)

I thought about trying my first theme week.

As you can guess by the title it's myspace bands. Surprisingly it's not just people like me with a Mac making attempts at IDM rather, there are some really talented artists out there doing some cool things.

I thought I could give you a heads up on a few of them. Today is going to some electronic acts of note that are near and dear to my heart.

The first is Mr_Hopkinson's Computer ™ from Bristol, UK. This little iBook got tired of not having a voice of it's own. For so long he had been used as a tool to create music, but there were songs he had herd since he as long as he could remember that really touched him. He wanted so much to be heard, so his human counterpart helped him to get a few solo shows. The computer did a few cover songs, (mostly 80's and 90's indie artists) and it caught on. Now he's playing all over the UK from coffee shops to festivals.

Definitely guaranteed to brighten up your day a bit. My favorites have been Fake Plastic Trees and Roads As a bonus (to me anyways) Lassigue Bendthaus is listed as an influence!

Mr_Hopkinson's Computer ™'s myspace page

Deep Roller is a couple of my oldest friends. Otto and W.R. Schultz make some of the coolest f'n electronic music I have ever heard. How they aren't on a label yet, or haven't been heard by many, many more people baffles me. They styles range from d&b to glitch, industrial and electronica. They don't get to record together very often, but when they do it's magic. I encourage as many people as possible to add them to your myspace page, and bug them about playing live shows. Much love you two! (Bonus trivia- Deep roller is a reference to the film Hannibal, and one of Lector's conversations with Barney about Agent Starling)

Deep Roller on Myspace

The last one for today is sort of a cheat. I had been into the music of Cyrusrex for a really long time before I ever knew he had a myspace page. HOWEVER, I don't think nearly enough people own a copy of his debut allOfme.hyde. How do you describe the music of Cyrusrex? Think the most progressive alien sounds you have ever heard. Then give it a glitch beat, and a great melody. Then wrap it up with some of the best production you have ever heard. He really blows me away, and I can say is one of only a few artists that have NEVER left my iPod Nano since the day I purchased it.

Cyrusrex on Myspace

Thats all for today. Tune in tomorrow for part 2, where I might actaully review something with geetars.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'll stop starring at my feet and get to the playful sex

Asobi Seksu (which is colloquial Japanese for playful sex ) is beginning to build some serious momentum thanks to the magic of the blogosphere. I am totally flipping out over the band right now, and I hope I can help a few more people to do the same. If you like the idea of kicking it like it was 1991 shoegazer style, with some great female vocals (in both English and Japanese) I highly encourage you to take a listen and buy a copy of Citrus

download New Years
download Thursday

BUY Citrus from Amazondotcom

Asobi Seksu on myspace

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Found this little Bootleg Gem out in the blogosphere

Thanks to the amazing 1 two punch of Elbows and the independent music blog I found this GREAT NIN mashup album.

It's called withboots, and as you can guess it's a mashup of With Teeth.

This is one hot little record. I think songs from this are going to end up on a bunch of mix cds really soon. I'm in the process of downloading the lossless version right now via bit torrent. Definitely worth a listen!

[Edit- 7/5] The lossless files are in the .ape format. Sooo... most of my OS X wielding warriors probably won't have much of a clue as to how to open them. That why I've included a version tracker link to this handy little converter called xACT Now, enjoy the music!

Monday, July 03, 2006


From Wired News After an unannounced hiatus of over a month that left fans dizzy and disoriented, Homestar Runner returns with...well, not an apology. Not even an explanation, really. But it's a cartoon, and that's what's important!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

the best things in life are free part 2

I just stumbled upon Chamomile Music, a self described "free music net label created by Genshi Media to promote the distribution of high quality, professional music through the use of the internet."

The first release I downloaded was Evangelion by Tang Kai. My hunch in choosing this as the first release to take a listen to was a good choice. The bleepy down tempo tracks on this EP brings to mind Microgravity era Biosphere along with just a bit of Coil's early to mid 90's techno.

Not by any stretch a prefect release, but interesting enough to keep my ears peaks for several listens. The first track Further Away's first 40 seconds fools you into thinking you are headed towards a dystopian nightmare, but instead are transported to a future world uninhabited by Roy Batty and his ilk. It's a relaxing bit of electronica that reminds me a bit of the first For a Space album Welcome 4000

Download Further Away

sometimes the best things in life ARE free part 1

Downliners Sekt. Statement of Purpose LP

It was through this article on the Sabas Judas blog that I first heard about the band.

"...(M)elancholic and minimal electronic" was enough to peak my interest. I soon found however that this didn't give the music any sort of justice. The blending of hip hop, industrial, idm and glitch makes for some rich soundscapes that you can't necessarily tap your toes to, but you can certainly listen in awe of a group that should be among the heavies right now, but have chosen to remain in the shadows (for right now)

To my ear this this is what industrial music should have evolved into. Forget ebm, power electronics, future pop, and every other trend in the post Dwayne Goettel industrial wasteland. This is the real deal.

Downliners Sekt must be experienced to be believed. They feel the same, and for that reason (and just a bit of distain for the current state of the music industry) the album is being given away on their website.

The only thing they ask for in return is a small pay pal donation. It's not required, and I'm certain many people have downloaded it with out. However, I encourage you to oblige them if you like the music.

But don't take my word for it...