Friday, August 31, 2007

My Bloody Valentine at Coachella 08?!!

I know better than to believe Coachella rumors, but this one really peaked my interest.

Can it be true? After all of these years of obsession, and talk and whispers can MBV FINALLY be reuniting? The band that rightfully lands on most top albums of the 90's list may finally be playing a show.

I'm speechless.

I don't remember my life before Loveless. The only other band that holds that same esteem for me is Skinny Puppy. Thinking back to the first time I heard Only Shallow I know my life was forever changed.

Bands won't be announced until January, however that hope will get me through these next few months. Even if the show doesn't happen something is brewing in the MBV camp right now as evidenced by a new official myspace page, along with a new domain . Who knows? Maybe it will actaully happen, and I can cross them of of my list of bands I wish I had seen.

Have a great weekend everybody, and do yourselves a favor and give loveless a spin.

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