Thursday, September 24, 2009

Marat Sade Journals back in print!

If you have followed this blog during it's last few years you may remember me going all gaga over the new published journal by Barron Storey who's work has influenced countless generation of artists (wether they realize it or not) and more importantly that a new edition of his very famous Marat/Sade Journals would go back into print.

Flash forward several years.

I just got an email from Carl Wyckaert (who runs the Graphic Novel Art blog stating that the new edition of the journal would be available October 17th!

136pages on 140gr paper

Reconstructed from the original Barron Storey journals

Introduction by David Mack

The book will be available in two editions:

A standard edition for USD $39.00

And a limited edition (of 100) signed and slipcased for USD $129

I think you can take a wild guess which edition I am ordering!

If you would like to place a pre-order for the book you can contact Car via the Graphic Novel Art page here.

I am terribly excited to see the new edition! I hope it opens up a whole new generation of fans to the book, and more so to the fantastic art of Barron Storey!

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