Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Otto Von Schirach

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How about some free Mp3 action?

In preparation for the incredible new Otto von Schirach album "Oozing Bass Spasms" Cock Rock Disco brings you it's first Mp3 only release on Tuesday, July 1st in partnership with BEATPORT!

Dance Like A Hoe

Otto's title cut comes straight from the humid dance floors of Miami. It's dirty bass and lyrics would definitely get approval from Dj Assault and Rob Gee alike. Cock Rock Disco's first released artist and long-time collaborator Duran Duran Duran continues turns the track into an electro-trance banger, perfect for late summer nights and stadiums alike. Dj Donna Summer cleans it all up at the end with his "Gelatin Fixation" remix, giving the sort of dubstep sounding original track a cleaned up bass-house vibe.

About Otto:
Otto Von Schirach (half Cuban / half German) was born in 1978 in the ghetto in Miami. In 1995 he bought his first drum machine from a crack-head just 2 blocks from his mom's house, and in 1998 Otto released his first demo, which got him signed to a 4 album deal with Schematic Records. In 2003 Otto worked on the Skinny Puppy album "The Greater Wrong of the Right" and then tour with them now 3 times. In 2004 Miss Kitten had Otto remix her "Professional Distortion" track for Nova Mute UK. Otto's last album, "Maxipad Detention", was released by Mike Patton's Ipecac Recordings in 2006 to vast critical and fan accolades world-wide. Otto is currently touring in Europe with Einst├╝rzende Neubauten (May), in the USA with Venetian Snares (June), and will be back for a massive tour in collaboration with porn-rap legend Blowfly (August-Sept).

4 tracks:
Otto Von Schirach- Dance Like A Hoe
Otto Von Schirach- Dance Like A Hoe (Duran Duran Duran trance Like a hoe mix)
Otto Von Schirach- Gelatin Fixation (Dj Donna Summer Tittymix)
Otto Von Schirach- Romance In The Club (feat. Liquido)
Full-length album "Oozing Bass Spams" out JULY 11th!!! More news SOOON!

Here's the bangin Dj DS remix, fully being supported by such Dj's as: Munk (DE), Shir Khan (DE), Brian May (AS), Hakan Lidbo (SE), Simon Lister (UK), and heaps more!!

Otto Von Schirach- Gelatin Fixation (Dj Donna Summer Tittymix) -


Derek C. F. Pegritz said...

In a word: BITCHIN'!!!

I'm listening to the new Vorpal album that I downloaded from the Cock Rock Disco homepage and it's shrivelling my brain and making my vertebrae glow.

11ParapraxisRex11 said...

Why can't Otto, VS, and EN all come to Pittsburgh? I'd shit... and I mean SHIT. (in a good way)