Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First new Imminent (starvation) in 10 years!

I realize I am quite late on this one, and anybody who is into the band already knows about the album, but just because you are late to a party doesn't mean your enjoyment should be diminished. Right? Right. Anywho...

For those of you unfamiliar with Imminent, the music project of Olivier Moreau among the innovators of the movement that became known as power noise (or power electronic) in the late 90's. The last Imminent album (when he was still punctuating it with Starvation) Nord stands up to this day as one of the most essential albums of the genre. That being said it had quite a bit of underground appeal with industrial fans, tech heads, and even ravers getting into the rhythm and the noise. After that Moreau's output began slimming. There were some collaborations with Ant-Zen label mate's Synapscape (another innovator in the power electronics movement) along with some scattered comp appearances, but for the most part we heard very little recorded material from Imminent. Which is kind of ironic from a noise artist.

Thankfully the silence has finally been broken. Cask Strength Imminent's 4th full length release comes out on October 30th. This press release is taken direct from the ant zen website:

cask strength is the term used in whisky making to describe the strength of whisky (in a cask) during maturation. this strong whisky is not the one that is usually bottled, as at cask strength the whisky isn't as drinkable. most bottled whisky is normally diluted with spring water to bring its strength (alcohol by volume) down to a level that makes it more palatable, usually about 40%. while the majority of whisky bottled by distillers is watered down, some whiskies are bottled at cask strength, which is about 64% abv.
imminent starvation has been a leading light in the intersection of powerful industrial music and advanced electronics. incessant technoid rhythms, twisted electronic noise and cold, sinister atmospheric textures are the key ingredients in olivier moreau's musical spectrum. after finishing 'nord / north' in 1999, he destroyed his mixing desk, gave away the pieces as part of the limited ‘nord’ release and shortened his moniker to imminent. after the name change he produced remixes for sonar, iszoloscope, orphx and others, appeared on compilations, performed live and collaborated with synapscape as 'the incredible three'. furthermore he constantly worked on this new full length album - which has now been completed.
like any good whisky that has to mature for at least 10 years in a cask, it took the same time for this release to maturate - and it was worth awaiting the ripening. indeed the music is comparable to a cask strength whisky’s taste: raw, aggressive, powerful, without any concession or any additive to dilute it's true nature, but it also includes a lot of complexity that awaits to be discovered by a true connoisseur. straight beats interwoven with sophisticated breaks, brilliantly placed samples, intertwining powerful atmospheric synth textures and forceful distorted sequences (without inhibition) form into the sophisticated style of industrial music imminent is known and loved for. 64 minutes of music - just like a 64% abv bottled cask strength whisky contains - taste it and full satisfaction is guaranteed!

The album is available in 3 different flavors:

Standard cd edition

LP (on sister label Hymen)

Limited edition wooden box(!!)

I suggest this album to fans of industrial, noise, IDM, or the like.

Imminent's page at Ant-Zen
Imminent's Myspace (where you can hear Teskede from the new album)