Sunday, July 02, 2006

the best things in life are free part 2

I just stumbled upon Chamomile Music, a self described "free music net label created by Genshi Media to promote the distribution of high quality, professional music through the use of the internet."

The first release I downloaded was Evangelion by Tang Kai. My hunch in choosing this as the first release to take a listen to was a good choice. The bleepy down tempo tracks on this EP brings to mind Microgravity era Biosphere along with just a bit of Coil's early to mid 90's techno.

Not by any stretch a prefect release, but interesting enough to keep my ears peaks for several listens. The first track Further Away's first 40 seconds fools you into thinking you are headed towards a dystopian nightmare, but instead are transported to a future world uninhabited by Roy Batty and his ilk. It's a relaxing bit of electronica that reminds me a bit of the first For a Space album Welcome 4000

Download Further Away

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