Sunday, July 02, 2006

sometimes the best things in life ARE free part 1

Downliners Sekt. Statement of Purpose LP

It was through this article on the Sabas Judas blog that I first heard about the band.

"...(M)elancholic and minimal electronic" was enough to peak my interest. I soon found however that this didn't give the music any sort of justice. The blending of hip hop, industrial, idm and glitch makes for some rich soundscapes that you can't necessarily tap your toes to, but you can certainly listen in awe of a group that should be among the heavies right now, but have chosen to remain in the shadows (for right now)

To my ear this this is what industrial music should have evolved into. Forget ebm, power electronics, future pop, and every other trend in the post Dwayne Goettel industrial wasteland. This is the real deal.

Downliners Sekt must be experienced to be believed. They feel the same, and for that reason (and just a bit of distain for the current state of the music industry) the album is being given away on their website.

The only thing they ask for in return is a small pay pal donation. It's not required, and I'm certain many people have downloaded it with out. However, I encourage you to oblige them if you like the music.

But don't take my word for it...

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