Sunday, July 23, 2006

Stephen Parsick Hoellenengel

Get to know me a bit and you will soon begin to see that I have a bit of a Blade Runner fixation. By saying "a bit" a really mean a full blown addiction. Several years ago when I was maintaining a special effects makeup website I choose a domain name that was a reference to Blade Runner . The idea of living in a time where rogue androids are running amuck and effin shiznat up is amazing. (Not to mention the beautiful cityscapes that warped my perception and gave me a very serious love for run down buildings and strong back lighting) Heck, even the 2019 in my blog name is a BR nod...

So, what does this have to do with Stephen Parsick and his record Hollenengel? Everything. Stephen is also a HUGE Blade Runner fan. It's evident the first time you listen to the droning synths of Der Tod , or the big analog synth lead of Der Prinz . The dark soundscapes are made possible (according to the press info on his website through "...the same sort of equipement Vangelis had at his disposal when he recorded the score" At times it sounds like what could have been a collaboration between John Carpenter, Coil, Vangelis, with just a little bit of Isao Tomita thrown in for good measure.

The album (which took 4 years to record) was created "entirely without computers, multi-track recorders, sequencers, MIDI interfaces or overdubs." This was a true labor of love and would be a welcomed adition to the library of any fan of dark ambient, or film scores.

download Die Burg (The Castle)
The Tyrell Corporation [a great resource on Blade Runner]
BR Movie

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