Monday, July 10, 2006

The most interesting music on myspace (part 1)

I thought about trying my first theme week.

As you can guess by the title it's myspace bands. Surprisingly it's not just people like me with a Mac making attempts at IDM rather, there are some really talented artists out there doing some cool things.

I thought I could give you a heads up on a few of them. Today is going to some electronic acts of note that are near and dear to my heart.

The first is Mr_Hopkinson's Computer ™ from Bristol, UK. This little iBook got tired of not having a voice of it's own. For so long he had been used as a tool to create music, but there were songs he had herd since he as long as he could remember that really touched him. He wanted so much to be heard, so his human counterpart helped him to get a few solo shows. The computer did a few cover songs, (mostly 80's and 90's indie artists) and it caught on. Now he's playing all over the UK from coffee shops to festivals.

Definitely guaranteed to brighten up your day a bit. My favorites have been Fake Plastic Trees and Roads As a bonus (to me anyways) Lassigue Bendthaus is listed as an influence!

Mr_Hopkinson's Computer ™'s myspace page

Deep Roller is a couple of my oldest friends. Otto and W.R. Schultz make some of the coolest f'n electronic music I have ever heard. How they aren't on a label yet, or haven't been heard by many, many more people baffles me. They styles range from d&b to glitch, industrial and electronica. They don't get to record together very often, but when they do it's magic. I encourage as many people as possible to add them to your myspace page, and bug them about playing live shows. Much love you two! (Bonus trivia- Deep roller is a reference to the film Hannibal, and one of Lector's conversations with Barney about Agent Starling)

Deep Roller on Myspace

The last one for today is sort of a cheat. I had been into the music of Cyrusrex for a really long time before I ever knew he had a myspace page. HOWEVER, I don't think nearly enough people own a copy of his debut allOfme.hyde. How do you describe the music of Cyrusrex? Think the most progressive alien sounds you have ever heard. Then give it a glitch beat, and a great melody. Then wrap it up with some of the best production you have ever heard. He really blows me away, and I can say is one of only a few artists that have NEVER left my iPod Nano since the day I purchased it.

Cyrusrex on Myspace

Thats all for today. Tune in tomorrow for part 2, where I might actaully review something with geetars.

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